Perspectives is the name of The Network Man’s next album. It’s about history, technology, leadership and behaviors. Sometimes we all need a little perspective.

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Out of Control (Higgledy Piggledy)

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Higgledy Piggledy as “In Confusion or Disorder”. The term was first used in 1598, and remains quite relevant, even today.

Pushing Too Far

Pushing Too Far is a song which encourages us to gain perspective on the hustle and bustle that is our lives.


50th Anniversary Tribute to Apollo 11: Thirty Two Minutes Past the Hour

The Network Man has created a commemorative video, including music and poetry, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. Our message at the end of the video links this effort to the challenges of the present day and is as follows: The incredible success of Apollo 11 in 1969 reminds us that even the most daring and difficult missions can be accomplished. With a similar blend of vision, courage, imagination, focus and determination, we can take on the challenges of today and tomorrow. We can find solutions, whether they be small steps or giant leaps, to make planet Earth a better place for all of human kind.

Run With What's Left

Run with What’s Left is about dealing with all the things that happen in life, accepting them – and running with what you have left in you. Perhaps this has less meaning for a 20 something year old; but it starts to mean more as the years add up. The first verse is about a kid from the wrong side of the tracks who struggles to make his way, in spite of the negative odds. The second verse is about privilege, followed by the school of hard knocks. The third verse is about the pursuit of power, and its inevitable misuse. The subtitle for the song is “Shit Happens”. It does; and then people need to consolidate their energies, maintain perspective and move forward. That’s what RWWL is all about.

I've Got American Blues

The political situation in the United States has proven to be of great interest to many people and evokes numerous perspectives. We hope you find this song entertaining. Be sure to check out the pictures in the musical bridge which bring out the vast expanse of America.

Canada 150

The Network Man was pleased to share our video: “Canada 150: The Video”, in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the country in 2017. We captured a century and a half of Canadian history in a fast-moving sesquicentennial anthem, carefully illustrated with 150 images that bring out the richness of the nation. The response was awesome and we thank all our viewers.

Knox Nation

The Knox Presbyterian church on Elgin Street in Ottawa celebrated its 175th anniverary in 2019. From a Rap styled poem originally penned by Scott there came a Hiphop/Trap styled song. Certainly not your typical church music. We hope you enjoy it!

The Group of Seven: True North Canvas

We are pleased to present our tribute poetry, music and video for The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson. This project has been of great interest as it provided new insight into the powerful impact of these great Canadian artists.

Got to Be There

This video is really about the realization of large scale changes ahead and the need for them. While the implementation is clearly critical, we can’t get there if the requirement for social, economic and environmental change isn’t endorsed and embraced at all levels of society, particularly at the most senior levels. There is still a long way to go. A call to action is not the same as action, but it’s an essential first step.

Long Term View

Big picture things like empires come and go. So if that can happen, we shouldn’t worry too much about the small things. Better to do our best with each and every day – and take a long-term view of our actions, when we can.