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The Network Man

This album follows the journey of The Network Man, a high-powered high tech executive in search of his true values and priorities in life.

The Network Man succeeds extremely well in business despite the demented pace and demands of the high tech world; however his personal life is quickly falling apart. He tries to forget his worries and parties out of control when he goes Out for Fun. Through blind ambition, we see him climbing the corporate ladder in Don't Look Back. The Network Man is Lookin' at a Breakdown when this craziness goes on for too long and he does indeed break down. He recalls an earlier depression of his college days when he was Riding in the Dark and he begins to Retreat from this desperate state so he can reflect on his life. He recalls happier days when he first met his wife in the Market Blues (She's So Cool) and the good times he had with his kids inventing stories about the Tiger Dog. The Network Man begins to turn the corner when he has A Much Better Day and finally sorts out his priorities in The Network Man (Reprieve). We hope you enjoy the highs and lows of our voyage with The Network Man. Thank you for listening.





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All tracks composed by Etienne Gibeault, except for ‘Out for Fun’ composed by Etienne Gibeault and Scott MacKenzie. All lyrics written by Scott MacKenzie.

All tracks produced, engineered and mastered in Ottawa, Canada by Etienne Gibeault.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. All characters and events portrayed are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

CD Artwork by Ian Jeans.

Photography by Ed Illidge.


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Etienne would like to dedicate this album to the memory of Ernest DeCoste. “Insight” is dedicated to my mother Thérèse and the musical score of “Looking at a Breakdown” was written for my father Jacques. A big thank you to my wife Lorraine for her support during the creation of this CD.

Steve wants to add a dedication to his family - Nicolai, Mary, his parents and siblings, who have been his sustenance for many years.

Scott would like to dedicate this work to his family and friends. Their constant support and encouragement has been invaluable. He would also like to thank Etienne and Steve for the privilege of working with them on this CD.

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The Network Man: Lead Vocals E. Gibeault, Backup Vocals  S. Cadenza, S. MacKenzie; Bridge Vocals Genevieve Gibeault. Out for Fun:  Vocals E. Gibeault. Don’t Look Back: Vocals E. Gibeault. Looking at a Breakdown: Vocals E. Gibeault. Riding in the Dark: Vocals E. Gibeault. Market Blues: Lead Vocals S. Cadenza, Backup Vocals E. Gibeault. Tiger Dog: Vocals  E. Gibeault. A Much Better Day: Vocals E. Gibeault. Network Man (Reprieve): Vocals E. Gibeault.

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Authentica would like to thank all those people who gave us input during the trial of this CD. Your input was invaluable and hopefully we did justice to it by incorporating your feedback. We would also like to thank Ian Jeans for the amazing CD cover artwork, Ed Illidge for the outstanding photography and Genevieve Gibeault for her contribution to “The Network Man”.


Authentica: Etienne Gibeault, Scott MacKenzie, Steve Cadenza.

© 1999 Network Man Productions. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance or broadcasting of this recording priohibited by law. Made in Canada.

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