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Northern Edge

Work on the Northern Edge started almost immediately after The Network Man released the Cool Down Now album in the Autumn of 2009. The first song written was Looking Forward, which was heavily influenced by the major economic meltdown that occurred that year. The song calls for change and suggests that we are really looking forward to such change, whether it happens or not. This cautious optimism has a sharp edge to it. The second song written was Just Watch Me. It is about the early days of Pierre Trudeau's political career. It is a tough celebration of a fascinating time in Canadian history. It also notes that "things didn't always work out well".

These first two songs shaped the theme, and ultimately the title, of the new album. It was further developed to include a mix of softer and harder sounding songs, while respecting core themes. Musical styles are principally rock and pop. However, the song Connect and Disconnect maintains a blues style and there are two instrumentals from the Milo animation soundtrack.

Ultimately, this album is a blend of optimism, cautions, successes and failures, change, the desire for change, and a celebration of Canada - something with a Northern Edge to it.

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The Network Man has posted its newest album "Northern Edge", on the following Youtube channel: Northern Edge Youtube Channel.

The channel contains full Lyrics Videos for all of the songs on the album. The entire album can be heard via this playlist: Northern Edge Youtube Playlist



Artwork Attributions

Maple leaf photo on album front cover from http://morguefile.com/archive/display/800753 attributed to Scarletina. http://morguefile.com/creative/Scarletina. Canadian flag under the CD tray attributed to http://flaglane.com. Avro Arrow graphic attributed to http://unrestrictedstock.com.


All lyrics by Scott MacKenzie except for Cool in Abitibi by Scott MacKenzie and Etienne Gibeault. All songs composed by Etienne Gibeault except for Looking Forward, Big Ben, Party Song and Cool in Abitibi composed by Etienne Gibeault and Scott MacKenzie.

All songs performed by Etienne Gibeault except for Connect and Disconnect and Broken Arrow performed by Etienne Gibeault and Marie Lefebvre.

All tracks produced, engineered in Ottawa, Canada by The Network Man. Mastered by Indiepool.

Artwork by The Network Man. Photos of The Network Man by Lorraine Gibeault & Marie Lefebvre taken at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, Ottawa.


Scott and Etienne would like to thank their families and friends for their support in the creation of this album.

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