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Milo Soundtrack

In this soundtrack to the award-winning 'Milo' animated short film by Corinne Gibeault & Patrick Lafrance, a young girl grieves at the grave of her recently deceased dog, Milo. When she turns to leave, a bark calls her back.
The Milo Short film soundtrack is composed of 5 parts: a quick piano intro, the sad orchestral intro, the music box part, the orchestral music box part, ending with a quick piano outro. For those interested in ancient history, the original music box theme was composed in the 1990s on the 128 step sequencer of a Roland JX3P synth.



Milo Punk

This song was to be a candidate for the closing credits but was found to be slightly too energetic and not matching the sad nature of the short film. Based on the same music box theme as in the Soundtrack, it's very cool. You be the judge!




Milo Short Video

Written/Directed/Produced by Corinne Gibeault & Patrick Lafrance.


Atlanta Georgia

September 2-5 2011

New York City International Film Festival

August 18-24 2011

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