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About The Band

The Network Man is a Canadian music group that formed in Ottawa, Canada in 1998. The original members were Etienne Gibeault, Scott MacKenzie and Steve Cadenza. The band's repertoire includes songs from several musical genres including pop, heavy metal, techno-pop, new age and blues. Their first release was The Network Man in early 2000, [under their initial name, Authentica]. This album was preceded by Gibeault's 1997 solo work, States of Passionate Commitment. After The Network Man release, the band continued to develop music, albeit at a slower pace. In 2009, they released their second album, entitled Cool Down Now. This project explored new musical and lyrical themes.

The group, whose current lineup includes Etienne and Scott, develped their latest album, Northern Edge, between 2009 and 2014. The album has a strong Canadian emphasis in its lyrics and offers considerable musical variety, with topics ranging from Pierre Trudeau to the Avro Arrow.

The band remains active and while Steve Cadenza limited his involvement after the first album, he did provide a guest appearance on Cool Down Now. The band's key emphasis has been artistic expression and in recent years, a strong focus on Canada. Some music has been aired on radio and a substantial amount is available on public websites. The band is currently adapting to the incredible media changes that have occurred since their second album release in 2009. However, Northern Edge was released in traditional CD format as well as on digital media.

In May 2016, The Network Man began work on a definitive song honouring the Canada 150 celebrations of 2017. Intense efforts were carried out in June and July of 2016 and a draft was produced that summer. Further refinements have taken the song to a production level and the band is keen to see their work used in Canada's sesquicentenial celebrations.


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