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Run With What's Left [ Shit Happens]

Run with What's Left is about dealing with all the things that happen in life, accepting them - and running with what you have left in you. Perhaps this has less meaning for a 20 something year old; but it starts to mean more as the years add up.

The first verse is about a kid from the wrong side of the tracks who struggles to make his way, in spite of the negative odds.

The second verse is about privilege, followed by the school of hard knocks.

The third verse is about the pursuit of power, and its inevitable misuse.

The subtitle for the song is "Shit Happens". It does; and then people need to consolidate their energies, maintain perspective and move forward.

That's what RWWL is all about.


Run With What's Left by The Network Man. Performed by Etienne Gibeault, featuring Marie Lefebvre.

Radio Play

Run With What's Left was featured on CKCU FM's 93.1 show Welcome To My World on August 14th 2018. It can be heard on demand at this link or by clicking on the logo below. The song starts at 57:36. A big thank you to Shelley Ann Morris and Kim Kilpatrick for their unwavering support of The Network Man.



Canada 150: The Video - Looking Back to 2017

The Network Man was pleased to share our video: "Canada 150: The Video", in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the country in 2017. We captured a century and a half of Canadian history in a fast-moving sesquicentennial anthem, carefully illustrated with 150 images that bring out the richness of the nation. The response was encouraging and we thank all our viewers.

Purchase on iTunes


O Canada, Canada One Five O
O Canada, Canada Cent Cinquante

True North, strong and free
From sea to sea to sea
True North strong and free
So much to see and be

Charlottetown, Confederation, old John A
Macdonald, Cartier, the CP Railway

Alexander Graham Bell, phone today
Manitoba, O Canada, Calixa Lavallée

Last spike made at Eagle Pass
Banff Park created to make it last

Wilfrid Laurier he carries the weight
Klondike Gold back in 1898

Marconi radio, Signal Hill, St-John’s
Add Alberta and Saskatchewan

Anne of Green Gables, oh it reads so well
A brand new navy, and ocean swells

Vimy Ridge, Halifax, a long long war
Peace and order are finally in store

Insulin, Banting and Charlie Best
Famous Five, The Group of Seven’s quest

Dionne quints and Emily Carr
Country prepares for a Second World War

Big manufacturing across this land
And on Juno beach, we took a stand

O Canada, Canada One Five O
O Canada, Canada Cent Cinquante

NATO and the little big country that could
Newfoundland in 49, Joey Smallwood

Howe, Richard and the Arrow's fate
‎The St Lawrence seaway opens the lakes

First Nations vote, Medicare, CPP
Canadian Flag, Maple Leaf so free

Subway, Centennial and Expo
Stompin’ Tom, PM meets John and Yoko

Henderson’s goal and Anik 1
Montreal's big Olympic run

Lesage, Trudeau, Levesque and Clark
Wayne and Shuster just for a lark

The Charter, Gretzky and Terry Fox
Canadarm and the space shuttle rocks

The Hip Celine-Dion and Bailey gold
National-Aboriginal-Day, stories are told

Nunavut-NWT, a land so vast
Vancouver Crosby victory-goal at last

A new PM has the country's keys
The future to unfold, a sight to be seen



Written by The Network Man. Performance by Etienne Gibeault featuring Marie Lefebvre.


The Network Man would like to thank Lorraine Gibeault and Marie Lefebvre for their support during this project. We would also like to thank all those who stuck with us throughout the creative process and provided valuable feedback. Special thanks to Louise Bergeron, Don MacKenzie and Andrew Thompson for their lyrical input, and to Jason and Sarah Rusmisel for their suggestion of the loon at the end of the song.


Scott and Etienne did an interview with CBC Radio 1 PEI on May 30th, 2017 which was featured on their afternoon drive home show 'Mainstreet' with Angela Walker.  They wrote an excellent story about it, entitled:

'This is where it all started': Duo writes theme song for sesquicentennial. Group called The Network Man, including Island native, crams 150 years of history into 3-minute song.

Here is the Podcast of the interview


The Network Man were also interviewed on SiriusXM station 167 "Canada Now", on June 16th 2017, by Jeff Sammut as part of his show "Canada Talks".

Scott and Etienne were first interviewed about their new Canada 150 song by Shelley Ann Morris. The interview was featured on the CKCU FM 93.1 show Welcome To My World on Tuesday February 28th, 2017. It can be heard on demand at this link or by clicking on the logo below. The interview starts around 24:19. 

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