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Out of Control (Higgledy Piggledy)

This song was penned at the end of 2019, before the pandemic. The Oxford English Dictionary defines Higgledy Piggledy as “In Confusion or Disorder”. The term was first used in 1598, and remains quite relevant, even today.



A Much Better Day: looking on the bright side of 2020

Our first album, entitled The Network Man, follows the journey of a high-powered high-tech executive in search of his true values and priorities in life. The ninth song, A Much Better Day, is about turning the corner and sorting out priorities. We hope you enjoy the video.


Turn Off the Heat

Turn Off the Heat, from the album Cool Down Now, is a song and video about climate change and its potential impacts. While technology is a critical part of society, a key to moving forward successfully is to shift both the attitudes and the technologies of the past to reduce climate change risks. None of this is easy. But we do have responsibility to ourselves, other living creatures and future generations to create positive change.


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Who is The Network Man?

The Network Man: Etienne Gibeault and Scott MacKenzie.

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